~My own thoughts~
2002-12-26 06:40:07 (UTC)


I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the
complex. ~Oscar Wilde~

The sweat and tears of the night have vanished, lulled to
the past like a soft whisper, no longer does the fear of
the night consume my being.

Ascendingly whole, my spirit is lifting, a strange
feeling consumes me. A love, one like ive never
experienced. A one pure in action, but not always easy on
the heart.

"Through actions, humble or vagrent, we seek to understand
ones nature. Pure is the intent of the heart which is true"
~Tommy Kraemer~

This love that has consumed my being is surreal, true from
its humble beginnings, there is never an unreal moment.
Its face is always true to its form. It never lies, and
expresses it's face in a multitude of fashions.

Though sometimes hurtful, I am thankful for the resounding
joy it has brought my life.

Never has a woman challenged my heart, my emotions, in
such a fashion.

I have been blessed.

I drive through the passing days with new purpose, seeking
to better acquaint my heart with the love it has found.
The process is slow and trying, but with strength, I

"The fruits of ones perseverence can be tasted in the most
unlikely of times."
~ Tommy kraemer ~

The dreams have ended, myself full of a newfound hope.

Blessed be the day you entered my world.

~ tk ~

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