Thoughts from Blue Angel
2002-12-26 06:24:37 (UTC)

White Christmas

The song "White Christmas" is about a longing for a holiday
time in our memories that we consider to be perfect. It's
not so much about the snow or the sleigh bells or even
Christmas. It is about love and comfort and happiness and
togetherness.... And although I've always loved the song,
the meaning has really sunk in tonight.

I have so much for which to be grateful. I'm surrounded by
the most wonderful people in the world - Tyler, my family,
Liz, Dan, Amanda, Lee Ann, Madeline, the other girls on my
floor, the guys we chill with from the other side of the
building, my sorority sisters, the friendly people who come
into work regularly, the nice man who stopped to help me
clean the snow off my car before work yesterday, James, Dr.
Spencer, my friends from Senate... Some do not even
realize how much of an impact they have had on me.

Fortunately, we got quite a bit of snow just in time for
Christmas this year. (Last night, after we'd opened all
our presents, I decided to abandon all attempts at being
grown up, and I went outside and made a snowman.) And the
fact that it snowed so much is a metaphor for the fact that
this is my White Christmas. Years from now, when I'm
listening to the song "White Christmas," looking back to
Christmases past, this one will stand out in my mind as one
of the most wonderful ones I've ever had.

I might sound like a corny card, but this year, I've really
realized that Christmas isn't about the presents or the
lights, as nice as they are. I loved the gifts I received,
but none of them excited me nearly as much as reading my
card from Tyler for the twentieth time or getting to play
with my 8-year-old counsin. My chronic money shortage and
the fact that I didn't get a 4.0 GPA this semester all of a
sudden don't seem to be such big deals, because as
important as those issues are, there are much more
important things in life... and in those, I am the richest
girl alive.

The White Christmas I have been dreaming of has finally
become an amazing reality.