ton o galaxy
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2002-12-26 06:04:54 (UTC)

fa la la la la lala

i woke up this morning in someone elses bed. Just writing
that makes me smile. I have been a little hoho lately and
thank god for the merry spirits that have made me so. Nah,
i'm diminishing the past weeks by putting it that way.
I met an older man. He's nice. he brings me coffee in the
morning and never wants me to leave. He's kinda chubby. he'
s very Italian. I like em.
I don't know how we'll work really. I still go out, and
party, drink. He does'nt. He reads alot. I left this
morning and there were two books in my bag just stashed in
there. i'm gonna play it by ear.
One more day of worka nd then i'm off for four whole
fucking days. Please GAWD don't let me spen my entire life
working for some assshole! May we all figure out how to
live well and enjoy our lives!

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