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2002-12-26 05:31:44 (UTC)

Bored what is the big deal about these things

OK soo its christmas day? like 12 am and i have been
noticing i have spent countless amount of minutes. (not
hours)looking and reading other peoples live journals?
wondering what the big deal is over these things? but hell
i guess i'll be trendy and make my own.. woohooo...i am
unearthly bored and i am not even sure if thats a word. i
have a problem sleeping now because i have seem to get into
the habbit of sleeping during the day which up untill
acouple days ago i was unable to do. unless i didn't sleep
at all during the nite. so today was unusually fun
considering it snowed like a mother and i figured i would
just be stuck in all day. i woke up around 10. someone
decided to call me and tell me they got a new cell phone
for christmas and i somewhat acted like i cared. seeing
that it was christmas i couldnt go back to bed knowing
there were presents down stairs for me. so i woke up and
opened all of them. i didn't get much because i got alot of
clothes the other day. a ski rack. and some thing from
germany i plan on ordering one of these days for the VW. i
got all art supplies and books. and a portable dvd player.
im not sure what the big deal is over them either? old
school and i like VHS tapes but hey it was free and im
happy about it. after i opened my presents i ate chocolate
for breakast. as always and then went back to bed till
about 1. i got up. showered and went over to becca's we ate
food and pleasantly had a lovely family dinner. it
consisted of the conversations of. the whore house/ massage
place getting raided. heavenly ham which i noted about 20
times it was down the street from playtime boutique. and
then my mother asking me if a had bipolar disease? why
would anyone think that? so while everyone was cleaning up
i decided to see if i could fit into one of becca's cabnits
well seeing that i am a midget i did. i stayed in there for
about 10 mins cracking up to myself and finally when my
sister came in the room asking where i was i jumped out. it
was hilar! i think the best part of the day though was when
becca and i and my sisters boyfriend were in the kitchen
and she called him jay -my ex- who mike doesnt get along
with very well. well anyway after dinner we played cards
which was lame so i went home and got on my snow clothes.
and went back over to becca's. me . her. jen. gretch. and
mike went out and played in the snow. then i called my
neighbor shaun to come out. so him and his friend tom came
outside. we chatted and threw snowballs. untill it was
undoubtly stupid. then i went home and got on my bathing
suit!!> why you ask? becuz shaun has a hot tub. and its
outsid. how cool was it being in a hot tub while its
snowing. AWESOME! soo shaun sat there the whole time
talking about how i think hes ugly and then ignored me for
a bit while poor tom just kept taking snow and melting it
in his hands. finally that too became boring and we started
to prun up so we went inside and watched mr. deeds. funny
movie but i can't watch it twice .well i guess i could but
i needed to get home and sleep i was tired. so i got home
ate chocolat once again and tried to go to sleep. that was
@ 10 and now its 12am? i guess the sleeping method didn't
really work. i probably should go to bed though because i
have to get up early . get my ski's @ mike n matts. get my
ski rack tigthened because for some oddly strange reason
which i will not mention it has become loose. and then
eventually go skiing. FUN FUN! i'd really love to watch a
movie now but the one i want to watch is on vhs and the
only tape player we have is downstairs and mike and jen are
down there.. those ho's. so i am begining to see unwanted
colors on my computer screen and i don't think that is a
good thing. im gonna go.