Teenage Mood Swings
2001-09-03 03:34:30 (UTC)

What makes a Guy hot

Umm Steve got me thinking what makes a guy a great guy i
donno that boy gets me thinking there is a star to
everything my current b/f has

1. A little taller then me
2. Has Hair*
3. Funny *
4. Nice*
5. Sweet*
6. looks good in a fishnet shirt *
7. Cares about me *
8. Punk or punkish*
9. Can kiss I mean really kiss none of the pecking stuff
10.Likes my friends*
11.My friends like him*
14.Will walk to my work to see me*
15.Love me for me*
16.Blue eyes *
17.I think he is great *

umm that is all I can think of. Let me just say looks have
never been important to me I love people for who they are.