Aqua's Life
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2001-09-03 02:52:19 (UTC)

My life at home...

I just had the worst fight with my parents. I sometimes
hate living here. I'm actually thinking about leaving. Life
is already hard and now I can't even come home and get away
from it all. I wish that somehow my parents could
understand me. They hate my religion, my b/f, my job...and
everything else that means something to me. They keep
saying things like "why are you even with Adam? (my b/f"
Whenever he comes over they always mention my ex boyfriend,
which they loved, just to make him feel insecure. Does
anyone think that is crazy? Maybe they're hoping he will
break up with me. In the past i've let them get to me but
now its just gone too far. I feel like I don't have a home
anymore. Its like I'm living with enemies that only want to
make my life miserable. No one in my family has respect for
anyone else. My brothers are the worst. They constantly say
horrible things to me just because they don't get their
way. I would put the words on here but they are too
insulting. Just imagine the worst possible insult you can
think of and then imagine hearing it everyday. No one
should have to put up with that. I didn't do anything to
deserve this.

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