The Shadow of Myself
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2001-09-03 02:38:49 (UTC)

Lifehouse concert!!

I'm at home right now. This is my first weekend back after
being at Miami for 2 weeks. I think it feels weirder to be
back than it does to be at school. I did really enjoy
seeing my parents, my best friend, and my dog. My best
friend is going to come stay with me this weekend. We're
gonna have a blast I'm sure! Good times!

I've got some fun news too! (I'm totally going to give
myself away on this one.. but you know.. I'm ok with it)
Last entry I mentioned how there was this guy.. well yeah..
he's still the same but here is the fun news. We were
talking.. and we discovered that we both like Lifehouse.
(they rock!) So one day after class I was bored and I
looked at their website to see when and where there tour
went. And it just so happens that they are going to do a
concert in cincy on oct. 13. I asked him if he thought we
should go.. or whatever.. and he was like... hey if you're
asking then I'd love to. So we now have tickets.. and I'm
very excited. It's gonna be soooo much fun for 2 reasons.
#1 He is really sweet.. and I will just enjoy him.. :) #2
It's my first concert.. and Lifehouse is sooo awesome! The
reason why I said that would give me away is b/c if he
reads this.. (who knows if he does but whatever) then he'll
totally know that I'm talking about him. Who's to say
thats such a bad thing though? :) It's gonna be hard to
wait until next month for the concert.. but I have to..
so.. shoot. haha

Well.. I'm gonna go have some popcorn and koolaid b/c I
can. That's pretty much all I had to say for now..


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