2001-09-03 02:37:15 (UTC)


Well today was pretty nice, my mom tried to wake me up 5
times from 8:30-9:30 but i didnt have to work till 11...
silly mom, then i grabed a day old breakfast thing from
wawa, and cruised out the door..... work wasnt bad. my rash
got worse though... its all over my hands and im probaly
gonna die from it, but atleast im makeing good use of my
time.... bagging for shannon was fun didnt do that
inawhile... then i had to go work at the pool where i read
this book for about 3 hours... its pretty intresting with
lots of guns and action and stuff guys love.... then i rode
home listening to the normal metalic, pondering the day as
i went...... had a light dinner of a small piece of steak,
then played around the computer for awhile, then i went
over to shannons house... we had a pretty good time
tonight.. drove around... got some nifty fifties.... shes
cool to hang out with... then we went to a park where there
were a shit load of stoners and drunks who made fun of my
hair... we however just chilled around on the swings and
play ground.. and we all lived happily ever after