Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-09-03 02:04:49 (UTC)

and on the 4th day....

Okay here it goes:

on the first day me and chad met

on the second day me and chad were dating

on the third day chad met one of my biggest friends, and
influences, my willy-poof, I love you willy!

on the 4th day, which is my parents anniversery, he asked
me out

on the 5th day, we will be watching movies with will

On the 6th day I should be getting peirced, I decided on

on the seventh day, who knows

and on the 8th day, school starts

and on the nineth and tenth day, i dunno whats gonna happen

and on the eleventh day, its my b-day yay! ^twirls finger
in sarcastic excitment^