my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-25 20:06:20 (UTC)

merry christams well kinda......

ok so i could not get up this mornning.and i couldent fal
asleep last night i had to much shit on my mind... .sol i
got up and went to brakfast at wanes and brakfast was
fucking awsome i love food. i wanted to open my presents
so bad when i was there.... i go so much cool shit. i got a
cell phone!!!! and my sister is paying for it and
everything. wohooooo. and i got the wizard of oz movie and
the pink floyed sound track that goes with it. IT IS SHIRT
TIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! i need to get fucked up so
bad... gerrr. and i got a bunch of hemp body stuff!!
yummy. and candles and the weezer cd and practical magic.
love that movie! and a jlo shirt and blues clues
towels.... and ..... crest white strips... and .... candy
lots of candy....and a devil rubber duckie. he is
awsome... and earings and i cant think anymore....

so..... yeah so kayla wrote me a message saying how
sorrrie she is and bla bla bla. what ever you wouldent
have done this if you didnt want to hurt him, you know

ok so i have to go to dinner at johns so i can get my
presents from his family. it is so weird im not even going
out with the kid and his family is buying me presents. i
love it. i want to eat so bad... i want more presents.... god i am a
greety little bitch.... hahaha it is funny.
i miss my dad i wish he was here!!!! christmas was always so much
better with him. ok well im gonna go i might be back later but i
dont know so.......
listing to: jay.... :(

i hate it here. i can not wate to leave!!!!! aghhhhhhhhhhhh
we are having more meat for diner yummmy that is all we fucking eat.
what the hell ok well i have to go and eat some meat now have a good


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