Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
2002-12-25 19:07:22 (UTC)

....been awhile...

I haven't written in forever....I'll start by saying I got
a new car(my old convertible was trashed in a head on
collision with a moron sophmore)...One of my best friends
Matt from out of state is coming to visit and he said we
were going to go see snow(I haven't seen it since I moved 6
years ago)....Paul and I are doing well things are getting
better and with college creeping up on us I fell stronger
about him. I want to preserve our friendship as much as I
can and I know he does too... I got a little black kitten
named Karma. I think he knows something he's always
winking at me when I have a crazy thought. i've been
studying Astral Dynamis, O.B.E.(Out of Body Experiences)
The brain and how people think. It's fun stuff. I'd like
to reccomend a book to anyone that reads this and that
is "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" I finished it awhile back
and it's ragged from being passed along to so many people,
but it's excellent...Also if you haven't seen Vanilla Sky
RENT IT! Now down to the important stuff...I've been
thinking alot about my beliefs and understanding of
everything. The Boy of Destiny and another close friend
really got me thinking on it but lately I have been more
than ever! I want answers more than anything and it's
depressing having no idea or understanding of anything. i
feel lost and like nothing matters. This is the first
Christmas I actually haven't bought gifts for EVERYONE. I
sat back thinking what to get everyone and couldnt think of
anything, and when people asked me what I wanted I found
silence coming from my mouth...Everything seems so little
now and like none of it matters...What I want more than
anything is an answer or help on my journey. Material
things are great and fun, but they don't matter. Well the
family is arriving and I have to go help out...I'll write

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