The land of unknown
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2001-09-02 23:48:01 (UTC)


i got Iowa!!!!!!! woohoo!!! i'm glad Slipknot didn't change.
still as brutal as before. just the quality of the sound is
better. usually every one's first cd doesn't sound top
notch. but it does now! Iowa kicks ass! thing is, i think
there are two versions. rumor has it 10,666 copies
were made with the tracks on the back and the rest are
with out. mine is with out. i don't really mind. i like the
shiny cover. oooo shiny...... oh sorry. got carried away.
even Slipknot them selves haven't changhed much. a
few mask changes. the big ones are Jim 4 and Paul 2
who both have different masks then they had on their
first cd. Shawn 6 has an altered mask. Joey 1 added
blood to his. Sid 0 took off the oxygen filter on his gass
mask, so now u see his pearly whites. Craig 5 took off
the plastic cover and switched with a full face cover and
it has more spikes. i think Mick 7 changed his, but it's
hard to see any clear shots of his mask on the first cd. i
think it might have been changed. most of them have
just been altered and still resemble their original
masks. so, yea. and i went to check out their sites, and
slipknot1.com is the same as peopleequalshit.com.
they go to the same place. and slipknot2.com is
completely unrelated to slipknot. it's a free porn site. i
was wondering why they had a slipknot1.com and
slipknot2.com. the number 2 isn't a slipknot site. just
one they probably enjoy regurlarly. oh well. for any sic
fucks who like some free porn should go to
slipknot2.com. sure it's completely unrelated to
slipknot, but i'm sure some freak is looking for some
free porn. and tuesday not only do i start school, but i
think System of a Down's cd comes out tuesday. if only i
had some money for it. but then i'm also waiting for
Nickelback's new cd, Ill Nino's debut, Spineshank's
Digipack, Chimaira's debut. so much to buy and so little

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