Lil* Black Backpack
2001-09-02 23:36:29 (UTC)


Hello.... well today J'son comes back here today. I dont
think we will be talking much considering that I wont have
his new number and he probably wont want to talk to me. I
Wonder if I will ever have someone who will just want to be
with me forever, to spend the rest of our lives together.
Someone who wont let our differences get in our way of
love. I want to have a strong relationship, and for us to
see eachother everytime we can get the chance, true love,
damn that would be great.

I mean I'm just wondering are there any guys who want love,
not to just have a one night stand and for get about the
girl like they are nothing. I hate guys like that, I mean
dont they realize that everyone has something unique about
themselves and its not just whats betweent their legs.
People and mostly guys have probably never experienced true
love, But for some reason I think I already have, but it
got away. I guess life goes on, but only if u let it. WEll
buh bye!!!

- luv shelley