me and my life which is boring
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2001-09-02 23:32:12 (UTC)


hello was^ppl? lol hey i'm sarah i'm 13 and i'm boring. lol
ok i'm like dissin myself. i have red hair (hehe) blue eyes
and very irish. anywho my friends think i talk to much and
i'm always hyper, it kinda runs in the family. speaking of
family i have a large 1. my mom has 7 other brothers and
sisters. yikes, but there all really cool. and o my moms
side i also have 9 cunzes. we are all really close. my
parents devoriced when i was 2, thet both remaried. my dad
lives in tenn. i only vist him like 3 times a year, becuase
me and both of my sisters emma and liz vist him at the same
time, and we have to take a connecting flight so it gets
expensive, although i think i takw this trips for granteed
in the way that some kids never even get to meat 1 or both
of there parents, mom is really cool she has had a
home day care 4 ummm 15 years and still has it and i'm
getting sick of it. lol. but someimes the kids are cute,
but heres my motto: they love me, i hate it. 3 years ago my
mom got remaried to bob who i call bob. they got married at
a piscopalina(dont know how to spell it, lol) (bobs that
i'm calthlic) it was really pretty stone church, but they
got married on july 4th because it was the only day avvible
and it was the very last marringe that that paster was
going to proform, he was very old. so they took it,
unforchnitly my sister liz almost fainted from the heat
along with half the church, but thats ok it was a happy
day, lol. my dad is an automacanich(omg i cant spell), and
not like one of thoes guys who dont know what there doing,
hes good, he can do a job that would of taken 5 hours and
do it in 2. anyway he and my step-mom beckey didnt have a
wedding, lol they had the legal papers and such and got
married in dolly wood under the love garden gate. lol. my
sister was there to, she took a pitcher of it, she had no
clue until my sister emma asked my dad beckys last name
when they where upsidedown on a roller coster on not our
next vist the 5th one after that. lol, anyway hes really
cool 2. anyway i live in NJ. and i think jersy rox but
none f my friends agre wit me. it nice i live like 2 min
from the beach and theres lots of stuff 2 do but
anyway..... ummmm.....taday was pretty boring, i woke ^ at
1030, early. now u might be thinking 1030's early. well it
is 4 me. i start school on the 5th so i'm trying to get
back to me sechudel. i'm doing pretty good sence i usally
wake up around 1. anywayafter i woke up i went on the
computer, then i finished cleaning my room, fun fun fun!
then i played 4 a bit with my hamster sammie, hes so cut
hers a goldin shorthair. lol then i played with my cats
(nice mix hu? we have fish 2 lol)kisser and selvester they
dont really get along, auctally they dont get along. lol.
my sister go tliz 4 her ummm 5th birthday and she is now 9
yeah old we got her when she was just a itsty bitisy
kittin. lol well shes stil as small as a miss grown
watermelon but shes just so damn cute! lol. selvester was a
stray, but so cute 2. hes really loud and really anoyying
but i luv him!lol. its funny, he loves to eat, and when we
1st got him u could fit your hand around his wast. now u
can barly fit your arm around him lol. when we brought him
to the vet awhile ago to get hes shots when he poped out of
hes carrying crat the vet goes "wow, big kitty!" it was so
funny. lol. anyway now hes scared 2 go outside because of a
stray that wonders around in our naboorhud we named him BC
well, my mom named him lol (it means battle cat, a little
stuiped i know but hey what can you do). i wanted to call
him elvis and my sister liked it 2 but my mom over ruled us
lol. ok sorry i'm talking about cats to much but i love
cats there so cute! lol. anyway after i did taht i went
back on the computer 4 alittle while, then i went with my
mom 2 go food shopping, well i didnt go to go food shopping
i wanted to go to the back i had a lot of coins but instead
i used 1 of thoes coin star thingies, i got 30 bucks!
anywho...well i think thats all i did we jst had some blts
4 donner yummmm. lol. o like 2 days ago my mom took me
school shoping 4 clothes, and we went to kohles ( i love
that store lol) and when we walked in she was like ok but
we cant get that much where going on a buget(yeah right
lol) well i brought like ummm 2 pairs of jeans a sweater
and 2 shirts into the dressing room, and walked out of the
dressing room an hour later with about 10 pairs of jeans, 5
sweathers, 14 shirts and a pair of shorts, wanna know how?
u guessed it my mom. like ever min. she would come to me
with like 3 more things, which was really wierd bc my om
like never does that, and then when i got home my sister
gave me like a buch of clothes, and then i did my lundry so
i had like no room in my closet either 1 of them lol. well
i'm ganna go pick something out 2 ware on the 1st day of
school (SCHOOL SUCKS lol) so bye every one.
love ya!

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