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A Place For My Head
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2001-09-02 22:26:25 (UTC)


i'm soooo excited, i'm so happy, i'm so everything that has
to do with joy! i won a prize at 5iveusa!
i really cant believe it! i still dont know what i won, coz
its a "secret prize", but, i got into the contests section
and saw my name there! i really couldn't believe my eyes.
it's just that, this is the first time i win something
i've told everyone ive got the chance to! though most of my
friends aren't home coz it's sunday, but i called long-
distance to one of my best friends, just to tell her, how
excited i was, and i sent thousands of mails expressing my
joy! it's just that, if you would be me now, you would be
excited too! as soon as i checked out my name and replied
to the message, i started hopping through my home's hallway
like a maniac, and my brother was like: whoa. has she gone
nuts or what?
everything is going my way! things can't get better, can
they? hope so!

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