Absolute Mayhem
2001-09-02 22:22:30 (UTC)

In the beginning...

Hm, so now i have this online "diary" thats supposed to be
there for me through all times, my shoulder to cry on, my
ear to babble to, and more, but is this thing that durable
and ready to take on all the "behind the image" chaos? I
hope so. lol. anyway, school started like 2 weeks ago and
im at the bottom of the chain again aka im a lil froshie.
yahoo. lol. its actually not to bad. people at nd are
pretty nice and some of them are just plain awesome. im in
all honors, but the whole honors lit thing, just shoot me.
its not that its hard, but alot of work. oh well. i made
vball and we are 2-0 so far. but we play away at richwoods
thursday at 5:00 (gulp) hopefully our team doesnt choke.
maybe some people will actually come watch the freshman
game for once. im in band too. its pretty ok. except i dont
get a homeroom. the people are awesome and the bus ride to
kewannee saturday was...well...entertaining. lol. i liked
it. i dont get to go to this saturdays parade though :( im
sad about that. i have to go to vball, but thats a good
thing too. homecoming is the 15 of september..4 days b4 i
turn 15. and i STILL dont have a date!! :( ive said no to
one person already, and pretty much the same for someone
that my friend tried to set me up with. yes, there are a
few people i have in mind that would be awesome if they
asked but well parents are home. theyve been gone
all day. ill wrtie more later. luv, jess