The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-12-25 10:19:06 (UTC)

The Computor is after my Blood

It was the summer of 2002 that i got my cox internet
service. Just in case you didn't know, COX is cable
internet that allows you to surf the internet very quickly.
Anyways, ever since I've gotten Cox Internet Services, Ive
been addicted to the comp. I spend every spare second or
even more than spared moments on this damn computor. Ive
noticed how addicting this computor is... but today Ive
REALLY noticed how horibble it is.

My friend told me today how she had been addicted to the
comp for 4 yrs... and now she finally notices how badly it
ruined her life. She wants me to help her. After telling me
this, I too noticed how bad the comp is to me and that im
soon getting to the point that shes at. We are planning to
make a blog to help people like us.

The reasons i think people become addicted to the comp is
firstly, people can be anything they want on the comp. I,
for example, am really shy in real life and im never able
to speak anything im thinkin because im just too damn shy
and unsure of myself. But when i go on the comp, i feel
that i can say anything and not have to worry about it as i
would in real life. secondly, i think a lot of people have
it imprinted into their minds that the computor is the
future. The computor is pretty new to the world, so
everyone wants to be the first to do something great in it.
I, for example, like making graphics on the comp and hope
to make graphics for a company like Blizzard when im in
college or so. Thirdly, the computor requires little
knowledge. Anyone can understand it. People get addicted to
what they can put their knowledge into, likde me for
example. Those are the only reasons i can think of now for
why the computor is so addicting. Also the internet allows
you to connect with anyone. So goin on the comp allows you
to be social and get gossip and that kind of stuff. We are
all connected.

I think those are the reasons to why I AM addicted.

To stop going on the computor so much, ive thought about
unhooking the internet for a week or so. But im afraid i
might need the internet for homework. Ive tried
controllling my time, but everytime i get near the
computor, i just sit down and start playing around. I also
leave the computor on without turning it off for days, i
think turning it off for awhile would help.

Otherwise, I dont know. I hope to stop this nonsense before
it gets worse. I should be focusing on school and not this
dumb instrument. I hate this. No matter what i do, i know i
will want to come back. You can do so many things on the
computor that the real world cant offer you.

But spending all my time on the comp has taken me away from
what i should be doing in the real world.

I hate the computor, yet i cant leave it.

O, I dont know what to do!