The Communist Corner
2002-12-25 08:41:22 (UTC)

::Christmas Eve:: Well, it s..

::Christmas Eve::

Well, it's almost Christmas Day... doesn't even feel like
Christmas. It's fucking stupid. We have a 1 foot Christmas
tree because we were too busy to get an actual Christmas
tree. It hasn't snowed at all. It's actually quite warm
outside. Like I said...it's fucking stupid. The past year
has gone way too fast. I mean shit it seems like it was
just a couple months ago I got in trouble with the cops
with Alan. It's been almost 3 months with Nic, seems like
a month... Kevin and I had about the biggest fights you
could ever imagine.. because of Nic. And now I'm not too
sure I want to stay with Nic. I almost cheated on him with
this guy Jared... that I thought I liked.. I thought he
liked me, but I guess not. I think he only wanted me
because I kind of came off easy to him, because I was mad
at Nic and wanted to desperatly just make out with another
guy. Fucking stupid... but anyway. I know I shouldn't
bitch about this but skool... I'm going to fail horribly
in. The last week, in Humanities. I have done absolutely
nothing, because I just really didn't give a fuck about
anything. So now, I can't turn in my paper. But I hope my
teacher can... take some kind of sympathy in me, and let
me turn it in. Because if I dont.. I'll be toast and fed
to the lil sheep about a mile away from me. I don't wanna
go back to skool. During the school day, I'm either
depressed because I'm pissed off, or depressed because I
see all these couples around, and I wanna be with Nic, or
I just woke up on the wrong side of bed and I'm happy. I'm
really confused because I think I have no sympathy for
anything. Just one incident and it just killed all my
emotions. That would be when Kevin lost his virginity to
Jessica and then he told me to get out of my life ((That's
going to keep coming back and haunting him for the rest of
his life))But yeah, I think i have no sympathy, cause i
don't care about people, i could care less about myself, i
can't get jealous... if something doesn't go how i want
it.. i just say fuck it and move on. I'm really going to
stop bitching about all this, because tmrw i'm just going
to change my mind about everything, and bitch about how
stupid I am right now, and then start bitching about
something else, it's a vicious cycle! This world is
fucking stupid. Gnight