My Life Story
2001-09-02 21:32:19 (UTC)

Teacher's Pet.....or just weird??

Today has been such an odd day so far. I slept in till
around 12. After I had gotten ready and everything my choir
director, Mrs. Gilbert called me. She said that as my first
duty as choir president I would have to lead class on
Tuesday because she won't be there. We talked for awhile
and she told me everything that I needed to make sure got
done. Then my dad came up to my room (yes...he can walk
now! Apparently he's feeling much better today) and said
that he was going to Mr. Bennet's house. (he's one of my
band directors)I was kinda confused at first, but then I
remembered that he was moving into his new house today. My
dad said that Bennet had told him to stop over sometime
today so my dad went out and bought some beer and we took
it over. (Since my dad works at a local music store he's
really good friends with all the directors) Well, when we
got there, I immediately felt really out of place. There I
was in my band director's house surrounded by 3 of my other
directors, who were also there checking out the place.
Thankfully, my dad and I didn't stay long. Well, I'm
supposed to be meeting a couple of my friends for dinner,
so I should go get ready. Later.

~Daria :)