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2001-09-02 20:12:31 (UTC)

Easy Popping Instructions for those with Popcorn Fetishes

Does your place of employment supply you with free popcorn,
soda, espresso, coffed, fruit juice, bottled water, cereal?
Do you have a game room where you have the option of
playing ping pong, pinball, airhockey or fuseball?

Do you spend your monday relaxed...with little to do and a
lot to snack on? I DO!!!! NEENIER NEENIER. Though really I
do wish my damn phone would ring already.
...watching the phone...watching the

Yes Sunday's are my Mondays. It helps the week go by oh so
much quicker. My plan of action today is to hightail it
outta here in approximately 30 minutes. Head home and
viciously clean my house as if I have people coming over
that care HAHAHAHAHA yeah anyways and then what?

Furniture rearranging FUN TIME HOORAY!!! I will first
clean my room and place everything into very NEAT piles
because I'm a virgo and it's good to sort things into
piles, especially neat ones.

OMG A PHONE CALL!!!! And I took care of that customer issue
like a champ I did. Okay I'm still very impatiently waiting

I've decided that eating fruit loops cereal at 5am gives
you horrible gas.