My life
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2002-12-25 03:23:58 (UTC)

Lifesize Brant...with sex included!

ok a lot has happened the past few days. Ok yesterday brant
came over and like it was me him rissa and chris and me n
brant were in my room watching a movie..yah we were
actually WATCHING the movie. neways, we were like cuddling
or w/e you want to call it, and he fingered me. well
somehow my pants were off and so was his and he was like
get a condom..and i didnt know if i wanted to. i mean i had
already made that mistake once..well i got in neways and he
had it in his hands and was like im gonna go smoke a
bowl..UM OK?? u have a half naked girl in a bed, and you
wanna go smoke? HE CONFUSES ME!! well i get dressed and all
these ppl were over and he left, and i was all upset and
pissed so me n rissa took a nap. and he called me and asked
if i was mad at him and i said no i was just tired and he
said he wanted to coem over later. well momma and scott
went to walmart and brant like showed up Right when the
left, and we were standing at the doorway and he was like
holding on to my waist and was like 'case can we please
come in" so i let them. and he was li holding my hand
while we walked into my computer room and he kpet grabbing
me and he pulled me ontop of him and i grabbed his hatt and
ran w/ it and we got in my room and he like threw me on
the bed and was like iw anna fuck, and we argued about it
for a while and he got me all horny so i was like ic ant
right now we dont have enough time, and he was like well if
i eat u out will u give me head and i wasl ike yah, so he
takes off my pants and my underwear and he was fingering me
and was like 'omg can i go down on you and fuck you' and i
started laughing....i was so horny, and marissa comes
running into my room , well outside the door and was like
brant momma and scott are home so i like grabbed my undies,
and he put on his shoes and i opened my window and he
jumped out..THANKGOD they didnt notice! i got my shorts on
and went out of my room and my mom was just walking into
the house. so i was all shaking, and horny!! ahh!! and 10
min past and they knocked on my computer window, and i went
outside and brant like pulled me in his lap, and was trying
to finger me n shit but chris was sitting there. and i was
sitting in the chair and he was on this bench thing infront
of me and he was like "casey im so sorry for everything ive
ever done to you" and i was like "ok??" and he was like no
i mean it, ive meant to say that for a long time now. And i
almost cried. and like we went behind scotts van and he had
his arms around me and was kissing me n shit on my neck and
UHHH things were so good!! well scott let them in and like
we were on my couch talking and shit and he was rubbing me
and being all stupid, and his mom called so he had to
leave..but he came back at 12:30 and we laid on my computer
room florr and he kept asking me to get a condom, marissa
was sleeping 4 feet away, i was like "NO!!" and he had me
ontop of him and he had a boner and he was like ..i cant
think of a word, like humping me but soft so it was like
going in on me, and i was like AHH i wanna fuck!!! and he
kept asking just to stick it in for 5 seconds and i was
like no!! im not taking chances, i dont care wat the odds
are!! so he left and kissed me. and he came back today and
it was kinda weird at first and it was him, luke, this guy
eddie rissa and me and they all played basketball w/ scott
and i went outside and brant n luke were ont his bench so i
sat on them (on each of one of there legs) and i was laying
back and brant had his elbow on me and iw as like
scratching his back..and we were inside and i was at the
computer and he was sitting in my lap and i went down his
pants for a min and he was making this face and i couldnt
stop laughing, and like i lifted up his shirt bc backs like
turn me on..and i was like 'yall know what really turns me
on" and brant was like 'my dick" and marissa was like "no
backs" and brant like lifted up his shirt itw as so funny.
Well scott took eddie to brunos and luek went w so me n
brant wree by ourselves for like 10 min..nothing happend..
but me n chris were taling and chris says that brant likes
me and he isnt gonna fuck w/ all these other girls just me,
and if i keep brant close to me like he is now me n brant
will be together soon! but gg

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