Princess Diary
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2001-09-02 19:46:39 (UTC)

Sorrow Is Everyday!

Sometimes I wish I had someone, other than my family to
talk to. I feel like they don't know what I go through
everyday, it's like they put all this trash on me and never
stop. I don't like to be alone but sometimes I wish I could
find a place where it's only me and the sounds of nature.
Someday I hope to fly with beautiful wings but I can't
until people know how I feel, so that they may treat me the
way I want to be treated. Every single day my sister argues
with me before she goes to work. I don't know if this is
her way of saying I love you but it sure doesn't feel good.
One minute I'm the best sister in the world the next I'm
the biggest worse bitch of all. My dad is a loser and I
know he'll never shape up, even for the sake of his
children. I don't need another person making my life
completely miserable. I don't go to a regular school no
more so I really don't have no friends and I don't even
have my dog whose been with me since day one I have no one
to talk to or cry on when I feel down, I try to look above
me but sometimes I feel the questions I'm asking isn't the
answers I want. I guess the best thing I can do is believe
in myself and hope that one day someone will come along and
ask me how I'm doing.

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