Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-09-02 19:31:33 (UTC)

Drifting ..........

Lately I have been drifting away from my diary. I dont kno
why. I just am. Then again lately I have been drifting away
from everything. It kinda makes me feel really bad. O well.
Let me see. Yesterday I went to the Oakland Zoo and then I
went with Daria to the mall. Before that school went okay.
Well the days before yesterday. I say Juliet on Friday. She
is a good friend. I was at the mall with Chris. The first
time that we have ever gone to the mall together.
No ....... I lied. We have been to the mall together
before. I believe three times now. Other then that he
doesn't like to go to the mall. So he tells me. Maybe he
just doesn't want to go with me. Or maybe he really doesn't
want to go at that time. I dont kno. I am mainly used to
goin to the mall with Daria. Since it is her that always
wants to go. I would love to get this entry pretty long but
I am kinda paranoid and not in the mood. I dont kno why. I
am just not myself today. I feel all .......... Blah. Okay
well I will be sure to write another entry later. For sure
I will. For now ...... till later ........