enter my train of thought
2002-12-25 02:27:14 (UTC)

merry christmas

merry christmas everybody!!

i just got a little while ago from being at church for 5
hours, but its ok because christmas eve mass is the most
fun mass ever. so then i came home and had a party with my
family and opened my present from elizabeth (tradition to
open a present from a sister on christmas eve). and now i'm
really tired but i'm sure i won't be able to sleep so i'm
gonna finally be able to finish the third lotr book, the
return of the king. good stuff.

so tomorrow at like noon-ish i'm off to northern virginia
to see my grandparents and my british uncle and co. once
more. then thursday morning we have to get up BEFORE the
crack of dawn and drive to rochester, ny, where some of my
massive family on my dad's side will be gathered as well as
those grandparents too. so i in theory have 3 christmases.
but don't worry, i don't let it go to my head or anything.
my family's big on religion so we don't hafta worry about
getting too obsessed with the commercialism side of
christmas. although getting presents is always really great.

ok well im gonna go read and find some other last minute
stuff to do.
merry christmas once again!