good times, good times
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2001-09-02 19:10:43 (UTC)

another one of those last night in the notebook on my bedstand thoughts

There are times, I am told,
when well-enough
is best just left alone,
but when you're not here
I can't focus or think
My mind wonders
and my confidence shrinks
because really what is it
that I am with out you?
Just a shell, an outline
of a girl once full
happy and innocent of pain
but the innocent are also naive
and naive i was
thinking that you, so perfect,
could actually be real
and would stay with me forever
As always, innocence is soon lost
and right about the same time
so were you
But since then
innocence lost has decided not to have it
mabey you'll never be mine
and mabey I'll live without you
but these circumstances won't
go down without a fight
i want you back
and i need you NOW
and i don't care what it takes
if you are to be had
I will have you
and mabey i'll be a little less innocent this time.

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