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2001-09-02 18:14:25 (UTC)

Sunday 2nd September 2001 and still got bad back-can't walk

Just rang Mum and had a good moan about my back problems.
It's not as acute agony as Weds. but very very painful-have
shooting pains down my legs when I walk.
Tried going round the block last night with Ron but I was
like an old woman shuffling one foot infront of the other.
Cried too while doing it. What a baby I am. Feel real sorry
for myself and worried about ringing in sick at work
tomorrow, coz I know I won't be in! Not for at least a week-
will have no choice but to go to quacks tomorrow or Tuesday
for some decent painkillers.

The front door looks smashing! had it fitted Friday morning
and it's lovely! What a difference it makes-the house looks
fab now, of course it's not as splendiferous as some of the
other houses on this road but it's not far off. Don't feel
like a scuffer anymore. Only problem was the white dust
from next door blew right in when I had a gaping hole
there. Stupid next door were cutting paving stones for
their harlequin sickly drive, and their dust blew right in
and covered my hallway, stairs and downstairs rooms. Bolox.
I had great difficulty cleaning it on my hands and knees
coz of my back. Bastards. Took ages to get rid of dust and
it was just my luck that next door decided to cut stones
when I was getting my front door fitted. Twats.
I have never seen a drive as bad in my entire life. It's a
diamond pattern similar to a pringle jumper and is not in
same style as rest of houses on this street. It's
diabolical-everyone passing is stopping and staring at it-
it's really sickly to look at and is not tasteful at all.
What possessed them to have it done? Beats me.
Mind you they are old fat twats who have no dress sense at
all and they are all ugly, both the parents and 2 boys-and
I mean fat and ugly. Yuk! they have had an extension done
but still got old fashioned yukky wood doors which are from
the 70's-what bad taste!
Just cooking some fish and chips, gonna have a crawl up and
down the street to see how painful my back is, and then
watch a film at 9.

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