I am Jack
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2002-12-24 22:17:52 (UTC)

Why is Santa so jolly?...

...Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.
This has certainly been a different Chrismas for me this
year. To be honest, it hasn't really felt like Christmas:
the weather hasn't been that cold, no decorations since I
didn't have room to bring mine, no gatherings with family
and friends. The only real reminder is the radio stations
playing holiday music, or when I go to the mall or store and
see the throngs of people, with last minute panic on their
faces. It's made me feel melacholic and lethargic lately.
But I feel better today; this morning after going to the
store to buy some holiday snacks, I stopped and walked along
the beach for about an hour. And I'll be leaving in a few
hours to meet up with my room mate's brother to go to a
small party at his aunt's house. I'll probably go to church
at midnight tonight. I hope to find a few presents in the
mailbox soon. Actaully the only thing I really asked for
(and need) this year was money, so hopefully the relatives
will comply. But I have gotten alot done lately with my Chi
gone, unable to distract me. I'm really ready for the
holidays to be over so everyone can come back from vacation
and I can start to talk to and maybe interview with some
design firms here.
I finally got a roll of film developed with recent
pictures of my trip here. (they didn't turn out as anything
too exciting, but I was just crossing deserts and mountains,
and pictures don't even do that justice.) For those of you
with Yahoo accounts I posted a few in my Yahoo briefcase,
under California Pictures -The Trip
This link should work:
A few other Miscellanous things
•I will maybe be working a temporary job through January at
a big art expo near the bay, still waiting to hear back. I
never heard back from B.R. I guess they didn't need anymore
holiday help, or they certainly would have let me know.
•I've had a chance to start reading again, I finally
finished The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey (thanks for
the recommendation Matt, a good book) And now I've started
reading Choke by Chuck Palahniuk.
•Thanks for the Christmas card (and tinsel) Rachelle.
•Saw Star Trek Nemesis, I thought it was one of the better
Star Trek films. I plan to see LOTR Two Towers and Gangs of
New York (now that it's FINALLY out) before the new year.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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