The UnEven Eye
2001-09-02 17:51:31 (UTC)


Its Sunday.I really don't like church but I was forced
to go. So I don't think I had much say in it. Don't
get me wrong But I don't always like in believing
something I can't see.*sounds blind sighted* *shrugs*
*will work on that* But anyway. I sit there and I day
dream, and miss half the mass, as I nod off to sleep
*G* My preacher / leader of the mass is that boring.
To move on once more.
I would also like to say how much me and my family
disagree. Like I don't belive cursing is right,
well they curse to annoy me. Or I don't like the
food supply, they buy food I hate. It makes me
wonder if this a ploy to kill me. Well If it is , it
won't happen.But really, I find it annoying as hell,
when they do it. *le sigh*
So in short joy. My wonderful day is ok. Not the
greatest.But will do for now