lustful nightmares
2001-09-02 17:16:48 (UTC)


i'm so very bored. there's nothing to do. i don't have my
car back.

tried to eat today. made me feel worse. eating is so gross
to me now. i feel i have no need to eat. my body just
doesn't want to accept it.

i have to make my decision on what i'm going to do for the
rest of my life. either join the army or go to job corp.
it'd probably be better to go into the army. you get paid.
job corp. you don't, you get allowances for clothing and
what not. in the army you can travel and go anywhere you
want when it's possible. but i don't like the us military,
i don't even like the us. fuck i don't know what to do. and
i hate knowing that everyone is expecting me to go into the
army. everyone's expectations of me just gives me stress.

as of tuesday night my social life has died. i no longer
have a social life. *well no one to share doing something
with* eh, that made no sense what so ever.

depression is a horrible dark pit impossible to get out of.

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