my life, my love and my happiness?
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2002-12-24 19:29:42 (UTC)


ok im done cleaning finally! now i am sitting here and
john is sleeping next to me. hum this is kinda weird but
it os ok we are just friends right? so yeah my mom is
going crazy. she has mad like 12 pies this morning and the
house smells so good. i love christmas!!! last night i was
up for ever than i finaly fell asleep and woke back up
like an hr later at 4 and was having a tossing fit i was
up for like an hour rolling back and forth. gerr!!

i feel so bad for him he was so in love with her. i know
he wasent just saying it to me /bc he dosent say that
kinda stuff unless he means it.. i feel so bad.:( you know im
here for you!

ok well i have to go get ready im leaving in like 2 hrs
and i am not motivated today so it wil prolly take me that
long. one day... not even till christmas!!
listing to: creed

8 min till 4:20 wohoooo. ok so i am ready it is amazing. i am not
dressed apropriatly for tonight but what ever. im were in my army
green man pants and my striped green and white 3/4 shirt and my
skate shoes. man is that a x-mas eve out fit or what? haha oh well
its me they have to get used to it. i am so hungery i cant wate to
eat dinner tonight. im kinda mad b/c im nott going to mass tonight
but oh well i hate church any way. but i always look forward to this
mass.... i dont know what i feel right now. im kinda sad and happy
at the same time. oh and i am fucking sick as hell. my nose is
stuffy and i have this cough it is shitty!!! my persents from my
sister came today. i wantto open them so bad but i am going to whate
untill tomarrow so i have more to open. fun fun. BBL
lisitng to: christmas music.... oh christmas tree oh christmas

holly shit we are going to be getting 21in of snow tomarrow. that is
insain. lighning and thunder too..... wow!!!
ok so jason ans kayla broke up.. that is so shitty he loved her so
much.. i know exactly how he feels i hate girls so much!!!!!!!GErrrr
i need to go to bed. b/c i have to get up at 7:15 am oh my god i am
going to die. all b/c of breakfast and whanes. at least i dont have
to get dressed. ok well i will be back tomarrow telling you aboutall
my presents. haha can not wate!!!! 1 1/2 hrs......
listing to: me singing x-mass carols
oh man this kid isnt doing good. al i want to do is hug him
forever. ughhhhhhhhh i dont know what to do.......... why the fuck
did you have to do thind to him... huu just tell me this!!
listing to: ani defranco