2001-09-02 17:04:54 (UTC)


So I went bowling last night with the following:
Laura*, Zan*, Felicia, Curt, Emily B, Emily P*, Sean, Emily
P's friend Nicole, Josh, and um...probably someone I forgot.
So we bowled. Dallas was supposed to come. Him and Willy.
They told Zan they were going to. Of course that was before
my conversation with Dallas. I wanted him to go. See me
bowl. See my spirit. See what he was missing. But he didn't
and I had fun anyhow. :) Maybe I'm getting better. Or maybe
bowling and having so many great friends around held me
together. I talked to Emily a lot. I told her about the
conversation. She was all, "Gimmie five!" when I told her
how the conversation ended. She called me a few minutes to
make sure I was okay because I seemed out of it last night.
I don't know why I was so out of it. At some point I got
really really really really tired and I'm not sure why. I
came home, did the dishes, and crawled into bed. Mom came by
my room about an hour later and woke me saying "Beth? Beth?"
until I said "What?" and she said "Oh, you're asleep. Hey,
why does your room spell like alcohol?" - so I've come up
with a theory that somebody slipped me something at bowling.
Not sure who or how because none of my friends were getting
alcohol, but the foodstand did sell alcohol so maybe they
spilled something into my nachos or josh's french fries
(which i ate half of). Or maybe my mom just smelled the wine
coolers that i drank last weekend and still haven't cleared
the bottles out. Daddy refuses to buy me them anymore 'cause
I drank four last weekend - of course who could blame me, i
was dumped. It didn't even get me drunk - just sleepy with a
hangover. I've never gotten drunk. I'll drink half a bottle
of vodka and fall asleep - nothing else. Its kind of good,
kind of not. Oh well. I'm just babbling. I may write more

I'm editing Games still so I'm reposting it


* = my *best* friends