mY dIaRy....
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2001-09-02 16:58:16 (UTC)


AAAwww! Back to school already!well just one day to go.
It's no so bad I guess cuz summer's has been pretty boring
for me, I promise next summer I'll do something more.. FUN
let's say. I'm too lazy to start school, bsides I'm
starting frenc emmersion and what about if it's so hard!!!
I rele don't wanna start cuz of that. I had promised myself
to study some of the stuff in french, but then my dad asked
me to read this book bout flash and I started and forgot
all bout french. Some other days I started and then left
it. But doesn't mean I didn't study n e thing because I
did! I studied on the internet. I found some webpages that
u could study from and well for like 4 or 5 days I rewied
and listened to cons and stuff like that.
Anyways today I'm suppose to go shopping, I got to buy some
stuff for school and I'm gonna buy some new pants and stuff
like that. I know it's last minute but what can I do. My
dad's the one that said we were gonna do it today, cuz
Marcoa Erize came for like 3 days on tues. and he stayed
here and my dad drove gim ot places so he would know a
little beter of Canada. Also they were working all the time.
Last night I was thinking if to make my diary public, but I
dunno I don't think so. I got no clue who reads this diary
and I don't want estrangers to read it, I wouldn't care if
peepz I know would read it, why I dunno.
I read some stuff that people wrote, and you know what? I
should b really happy w/ the life I have. Some peez have so
many problems!!! Man! am I happy to b me, even though
sometimes I'm not.
Soon I mean already I'm working w/ my dad, I try starting
to work somewhere but I gotta wait until I'm 15, but I
can't wait! so my dad told me if I worked w/ him he'll pay
me, so I said okay. Everyone well not everyone, not feli
and vero, but they r gone that's why I write in my dairy
now. No one cares what I'm doing they r watching TV.
N e wayz I'm gonna go now. I'll write more interestin stuff
starting tues. I promised.
Well, bub bye!

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