humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-12-24 17:55:28 (UTC)

track record

this is just me keeping track of everything i do each day
over break so i can remember cuz otherwise i'll forget

Friday-dec 20- went to santiagos apartment for the last
time and partied it up and smoked with the preps. but its
sad, we had so many good memories in that apartment

Saturday-dec 21- thought we were going to tracy's but
never did it got canceled, we went with karolina and stole
Xmas decorations and then went back to her house and drank,
nikki and chota were especially drunk

Sunday- dec 22- i went out with jason and met dana and keri

Monday- dec 23- went to chris richardson's house, chilled
with a the chiller college guys, got vaporized! nikki met
cory and got way to attached way to quick and now we'll be
listening to her bitch about him for a while which is
straight cuz they'll be listening to me with jason for
awhile too! ha ha! oh but yeah met max perry like really
met him,he's way cool, and the poor damn dog was drunk off
his ass, it was a fun time

tuesday- dec 24- went to richardson's but no one was there then went
to mike evans house and luke was there and so was mike hernandez and
then we went to some like clubhouse type thingy and then it was gay
so we left and went home

Wednesday- dec 25- didnt do shit , sat at home and slept, but i did
talk to hank

Thursday-dec 26- me and megan went out ith jason and we chilled with
him and keri all night and we went bowling, it was actually pretty

Friday- dec 27- went to some kids house on page street who was having
a party and chilled there

Saturday- dec 28-babysat with megan

Sunday- dec 29- had a few people over- meg, karolina, amber, jason-
and we chilled and drank and smoked with my bro and his friends cuz
my rents went to the football game and then megan and amber and
karolina went with heather from tcd to some party in chicago.

monday-dec 30- we wentout with jason but really didnt do much and
then sat at my house

tuesday- dec 31- NEW YEARS EVE- we went to stacy's house and partied,
it was straght, i didnt drink cept for nikki waslikemad at me cuz
sean was like flirtin with me and i didnt knoww what to do and it was
kinda gay but whatev and then we came back to nikkis since her dad is
in wisconsin and me and nikki and meg and jason all chilled, meg was
really drunk,meg and nik passed out and me and jason sat up and
talked and chilled for a while, last 2 new years eve's now i have
spent with him...

wednesday- jan 1 - chota and pat and them brought a keg over to
nikkis and we chilled there and jason was with us and yeah he got
really drunk and we were cuddling on nikkis couch and it was kinda
weir but cool and it was way weird becuz matt and pat and jason were
all there and jason and pat were getting along way to good

to be continued.....