Unexpected Mysteries
2001-09-02 16:30:06 (UTC)

Sunday 9/2....It's getting close to Sarah, going to school

I woke up this morning, watched televison, had a cup of
coffee, and entering my entries in the diary. The fucking
asshole derrick is in Sarah's room sleep. He's been
sleeping in her room almost a year now, I don't want him
next to me, not that he would try anything, but he snoores
and I can't take it. Sarah hasnt woke up yet, which I'm
glad, I get to get a little rest and get a little my time.

I don't expect to see Nick today, knowing he has shit to do,
and it's ok. I'm getting use to this, and that's why, all
of this has to pay off because, I wouldnt suffer like this
if it wasnt worth it. This would be the second holiday we
haven shared together, but who's counting. Like Friday
night, I tempted him, and he got so pissed off because he
has so much to do, and he does not want to do it. It takes
alot for him just to get in the frame of mind to do it.
But my jealousy keeps me wondering, it won't let me stop.
Maybe there is a reason, why or something is triggering
something. I don't know but I'm gonna find out, so I can
put this shit to rest once and for all.

Until later tonight, we will see what happens.