Unexpected Mysteries
2001-09-02 16:22:21 (UTC)

Saturday 9/1

Sarah and I woke up, feeling very hungry, and there wasnt
much in the house, so we took our hungry selves to the
grocery store. I was on edge because I didnt have the
money to get grocery, but I knew we needed. Anyway, I did
get some things and I wanted to make a special meal for
Sarah, since this would be her last weekend before going
back to school. I made Gumbo, wish was very good, no I
didnt have the money to spend for the ingredients, but I
darn right did it. I deserve it, and I'm tired of
sacrificing everything. So, I made the Gumbo with pride, I
had every thing I needed to make it.

We watch sicfi movies all evening, and we had fun. I
received a page from Nick in the evening with my I love
you, and one at night I love you with kisses. And he sent
me an email, so we have some communication going on, which
is nice. I don't know what's wrong with me, I get so
selfish sometimes, and I want us to be a family, and live
the way we all deserve to live. Anyway, Sarah and I did
the Gumbo and went to bed about 12am, and that was it.