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2002-12-24 17:04:47 (UTC)

It's Christmas Eve

Yay! Christmas Eve! I can't wait to watch everyone
open their presents tomorrow. It's gonna be fun. And of
course, I can't wait to see what Ryan got me :o) I love
surprises. I only have to work a half day today, and I only
had to work one yesterday too.
Okay, here's a synopsis of the last couple of weeks:

I took all my finals, and I think I did okay in
Developmental Psych, good in Anthropology lecture, and
really really good in English and Anthropology Lab. It's
likely that I'll get all A's and B's for grades this
semester. Yay!

My singing in English went good, I got an A and all
my peer reviews were really positive. They made me want to
make an audition CD for Diedrich's, but we'll see...

Ryan and I went to Vegas for our 1 year anniversary,
and stayed at Circus Circus. We saw Tori, took a limo ride
to a Vegas show called Skintight with a Playboy Playmate in
it (ooh la la), and ate dinner at the top of the
stratosphere, in the spinning restaurant. Our dinner, for
2, was $120! I don't think that we'll ever go somewhere
that expensive again, but it will make a nice memory :o) I
won like a billion stuffed animals on the midway at Circus
Circus while Ryan was gambling. And I probably spent less
than $20. I would've had to spend hundreds at a regular
carnival or amusement park to win the animals I did. I
wonder if they're actually losing money with those games...

So that's the last couple of weeks. Now that school's out
for 2 weeks, I can relax a little. Speaking of relaxing,
Ryan and I got about 3/4 of an ounce of weed a couple of
nights ago. We have three different kinds, and lots of it.
It's like a dream. Hooray!

Okay, that's all for now, bye! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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