2001-09-02 16:03:38 (UTC)


it's almost midnight and as usual it's a hot and humid night
here in singapore. y wasnt singapore located far, far away
from the equator? it'll b kool if singapore had the four
seasons or a not so hot and humid summer. it'll be a cold
day in hell before i start to see snow in singapore.

i dunno y the hell im up really. i cant seem to sleep. maybe
it's the coffee...hmmm cant be. something seems amiss from
my life right now. duh! it's aishah. i talked to her gd
friend today and she told me that aishah was feeling
dejected that i was so angry these days. i dunno. im not
angry with her im just angry at how perfect her life is. she
never has to work for anything koz her dad gives her
anything that she wants. me on the other hand have to
literally work my ass off to get what i want and that
usually means starving for weeks on an end just to afford to
buy a measly shirt or sumthin. i remembered once i had to
starve my ass for 2-3 months just so that i could afford a
pair of soccer boots which tore 2-3 weeks after i bought it.
that nearly made me cry. so much effort and it such a short
space of time it was gone. aishah on the other hand has
everything she could ever hoped for. i mean what have i done
to deserve a worse off life than hers?? or bill gates for
that matter. i detest people who are born into wealth like
those sons and daughters of royalties who dun have a care in
the world. they all dunno what it's like to have to starve
and work ur ass off. it sucks big time i tell you. but on
the other hand it builds character. i shld really stop
feeling fucking sorry for myself. i hope aishah
understands. i really hope she does. koz i never wanna lose
her ever.....

2nd Sept 2001