Restless Comet Diary
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2002-12-24 16:06:57 (UTC)

Christmas Eve

Hi there!
Today it's the X-mas eve and my brother came to visit
us.Now I remember that everybody always loved him more.Even
if I was better and smarter than him...they always accepted
him and loved him more.Well I gues this is not really
fair...Since I dont wanna make troubles to anyone.I love my
little brother a lot but it's not fair.....
Well......what's fair on this world after all?maybe nothing
so I guess I just gotta get used with the idea.Maybe if I
would be a boy the things would be different...but to my
dissapointment I am not a boy....I am a girl and a strong
one.And I gotta make it be worth it so...
Umm....what else?nothing new...3 more days...still waiting
Merry Christmas to one and all!!!!!!!!!!!1