2001-02-09 19:07:03 (UTC)

hi diary it s friday and today..

hi diary

it's friday and today i didn't have to go to school cause the buses were cancelled.
it sonwed all yesterday and last night we got another 10 cm of snow plus the snow all winter didn't melt
so we have at least 2 feet of snow : )
crystal phoned and left a messege she said she left 6 of them but she didn't so she's lieing :I
I have to walk ally the nieghbours dog but i probabley won't with all this snow and my cold.
next week i'm going to start traning my 4-h calf it's cool and i love to work with animals me and my sister each pick
a calf we train them to walk with us and to behave then at the end of the year we go to each fair and they are juged
on the look and behaveiour of the calf my mom says it gives me confidanced and new experiance ?
I still have to finish my book report.

bye !!


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