Why Me?
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2001-09-02 15:51:56 (UTC)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood..

... and sadly I could not travel both.


Ah, greetings on this forlorn morn of forlorn morns. It
IS technically the morn, you know - 11:40 AM still
constitutes as the morn! I really have a thing for Robert
Frost. Hell, I have a thing for all poetry.
Y'know, Diary, it's quite funny. I was thinking the
other day: what if ONE person in history had not been born?
Not neccessarily a FAMOUS person, but just an average Joe?
Like, in the middle ages if ONE child that survived had
died in the Black Plague, would history have changed
forever? If ONE song had never been written? If ONE tear
had not been shed? That's an interesting concept. I mean,
say, if the other day, I had not gotten a scratch on my arm
from my kitty (which I did), then would that have changed
the outcome of my life - the outcome of history? Think
about it.
I feel very philosophical, if you couldn't tell. *sigh*
Philosophical and depressed. What a combination! What a
I feel all proud today. Why? Because I cleaned our
living room. You see, my dea' diary and hypothetical
readers, I'm quite a lazy assed slob. However, my mother is
feeling sick, is fighting with my father (what else is
new?), and looks like she's on the verge of tears all the
time. I figured I should help out. Yes, I SHOULD help out
around the house ALL the time. Every single freaking day.
Whatever the case may be, I do NOT help out on a regular
basis, and now I feel special because I DID help out. Sad,
There's so much that I feel like talking about right now,
so much that I need to get off of my chest. Sadly, our
computer is in the damned kitchen, meaning that I can't type
all my true feelings unless I'm home alone or everyone else
is in bed. God - I can't even write in my diary!!! *sighs
and sobs* Ah, well. C'est la vie. Now I feel like writing
something in French, so the next paragraph or sentence is
goign to be in a foreign language. Fear not, because I
shall soon switch back to my native tongue (I've only had
one year of French!!)
Mon Dieu!!!!! Je deteste ma vie. Je la deteste! Je
veux mourir! Quel est la vie? Pour moi - rien. Mince.
Well, that was just a bit of rambling for my own
well-being. Should you like a translation, diary, here
My god!!!!! I hate my life. I hate it! I want to die.
What is life? For me - nothing. Damn.
Well, Adieu. I must be off.

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