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2001-09-02 15:47:27 (UTC)

No work today or tomorrow!

That's right folks. In my quest for the job that most
satisfys me, I have found something that I can schedule my
own damn self off if I feel the need. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
I am the ruler of my universe! anyway, It is sunday. I
need to wash my clothes but dont want to! This stupid
computer keeps freezing up and it is aggravating me. I find
reading these journals on line is really pretty
interesting. There is nothing like being nosy, eh? I
already have drama going on at work. Why cant I hire
someone that has a brain? You dont bring friends into work
to stand around while you are sposed to be doing your job.
Duh..this is common workplace procedure. This Thursday I
will watch the tape and find out just how long people were
in the store when they weren't sposed to be. Im gonna go
on a firing rampage one of these days..No one understands
the meaning of "work" anymore. I cant believe I am only 25
and already saying that..I sound like a little old lady!
Gots to go...~b