Pirate D

Jesus knows where you live
2001-09-02 15:33:34 (UTC)

Words of wisdom - Unless your a stupid girlie

Someone opend my eyes yesterday - well theyre open now also
but not in that way, you stupid vegetarian Americans you
make me SICK!
Anyway...He said insane isnt just going fucking nuts and
stabbing someone in the balls, its also "working 50 hours a
week in a crappy no-hope job for 50 years until someone
tells you to piss off. And then hoping to die before
suffering the indignity of not making it to the bathroom on
time" Wouldnt you consider that to be insane?

Wise words but how about we once again dig in to the idea
that is Feminism, heres something you can say to women who
give you all that Womens' liberational crap instead of
lying down and letting you do squggly things with her, like
shes supposed to...

Q: Women are always portrayed as Sex objects
A: And not surprisingly! Who'd want to see a pair of
bollocks on page three? Who'd stick them all over the
factory wall, or call thier mates over and say "Cor look at
these bollocks!" OR "Blimey! I wish my missus had bollocks
like that!"