Cheese Freak

The Cheesy Scoop
2001-09-02 15:29:08 (UTC)

it's Sunday, shouldn't I be at church?

Well no, not really. It's Sunday. On Sunday through
Thursday I wake up at 4am, stagger into the shower and
hopefully fall into some clothing by 4:30am to get to work
by 5am. Today I was 15 minutes late. Today I am sitting
here wondering what exactly to do with myself. Today is a
very slow day. It's 7:30am and I've completed all my work
for today. I am supposed to leave at 1:30pm. Hmmpff.

I've learned quite a few things while working here though.
Like the multiple uses for massengil douche powder. You can
use douche powder (when mixed with water) as a mild
antiseptic for your pets (a very useful item in your pets
first aid kit) and you can also use douche powder for
removing skunk odors. How very exciting if I do say so

See check it out yourself:

I told you so.