2002-12-24 13:41:57 (UTC)

Early Morning with a Cup of Coffee

Ah yes, don't we all just LOVE coffee? :) i absolutely love
that caffinated sugar rush; it's just great! ok so um its
CHRISTMAS EVE! i wont be posting tomorrow, Christmas, i
dont think, because, well, id be spending the day with my
family (dur what else):).
heh anyway i know ill have fun tomorrow. especially because
Jesus Christ our Savior was born that day :) (as you can
tell im a religous person...woo Methodist!)
wow isnt my diary intersting? i write the strangest
things...well...now its time to ramble on about this guy i
really like.
i wont give out his name, so lets just call him "bob". i
really like "bob", so i had a conversation about him with
my ex-boyfriend one day, and then emailed "bob" the
conversation. He read it, and then told me how he liked me
a lot "A WHOLE LOT" (said it like that too). but i felt
sorta bad when "bob" said that he wouldnt make a great
boyfriend because of last years relationship he had, along
with all the school work we all have to put up with, and
that he cares about me too much to hurt me. aww well
atleast i know that "bob" cares about me...and i wish i
could help him out with his being a boyfriend problem.
whew now that i got THAT off of my back (heh heh heh) i can
get back to doing absolutely nothing :)
and hopefully ILL FIND THAT SONG!!!

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