my life sux
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2002-12-24 12:36:43 (UTC)

Mother actaually called me yesterday and invited me for Christmas.

Hello diary,
I was shocked yesterday afternoon when my mother called out
of the blue wanting me to come for Christmas.
She's never cared a flip about me ever so why is she all of
a sudden getthe urge to call me and want to come?
when I called her back later last night and told her we
wouldn't be able to make it she actually said she was sorry.
She has gotten so weird in her old age.
She cares about my sisters but not about me one bit.
She wont twll me whats going on in the family but she expect
s me to tell her everything that happens with my epilepsy.
She wouldn't care if I upped and died I wouldn't be missed
by her or anyone in my family actually.

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