If These Scars Could Speak
2002-12-24 09:54:23 (UTC)

Chapter 0

Kelly and I broke up about a week ago, and this whole time I've been
thinking that maybe it was my fault...what did I do wrong? No more
though...after I found out the truth today. She had been
fucking this guy that I can't stand behind my back...and
now she's off fucking some tatoo artist. She says that I'm
going to be stuck in a selfish cycle for the rest of my
life, and that I'll continue to use and hurt people. To bad
she was speaking to her reflection, not to me. I can't
believe that someone could lay next to me every night and
tell me that they loved me, when they were fucking someone
else and didn't even have the heart (or guts) to tell me.
Then she squirms her way out of the relationship under this
fucking facade of "you're the one at fault, you are the
selfish one, the hurtful one." good thing that is not
actually the case though. i'm glad that i am not a
heartless bitch that could keep something like that from
someone. "she didn't want to hurt me." bla bla bla...
bullshit, she didn't want to not have a place to live. fuck
her, i never want to talk to that fucking whore again. and
i mean that...if you read this...don't ever fucking contact
me does it feel to hurt someone so much and
then make them feel like it was there fault? probably
doesn't feel very bad for you, because you obviously didn't
give a shit for a long time! good thing that i learned the
hard way...again...FUCK YOU!!!