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2001-09-02 15:16:09 (UTC)


Caitlin said that she talked to Christian the other day
online. I haven't talked to him in forever. Thats the same
thing I used to say when I would go an hour without him.
Now it really has been forever and I miss him so much. I
keep thinking he's just gunna move back and everythings
gunna be in the same place it was. And everything will be
perfect, like it was. I cry every time I think about him, or the good
times we spent. And I wish he could be here to share all of these
times with all of us. I cry every time I hear a song or watch a
movie. I cry anytime I see anything that reminds me of my best
friend, and how we aren't still together. Wishing we were, and hoping
we soon will be. But until then, I remember.

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