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2002-12-24 09:04:55 (UTC)

People getting Screwed

Well this isnthe update on William. He turned out to be a
major liar. He said one thing to me and said another thing
to others. He was supposed to meet this guy "Jeremy" when
we were "together". Well i find out tonight its romantic.
You know honesty is the best policy so heres my honest
statement to you and all who see this. The bitch is back,
and I am taking no prisoners this time. And this time I
have a aback up posse that is just as evil and coniving as
I am and maybe more. Depends on what the scenerio is. So
whoever decides to wrong me in my life better watch out
because Im coming through like a fucking tornado though a
trailor park. All Guns Blazing.!!!

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