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2001-09-02 15:14:22 (UTC)


Last night I had the weirdest dream. A whole bunch of people were
over here for a party and we were all
watching movies and then we were suddenly in a lake in my
back yard watching movies on a huge screen. Everyone was
there and everyone was having so much fun. (I think its
predicting how I want to have a gret birthday party) I
remember everyone leaving, and then it was just me, mattie,
caitlin, and johnny left. Johnny and Caitlin were all over
eachother for some reason and it was really pissing me off.
I dont know what this was supposed to mean/ symbolize, but
i think that its trying to tell me that I will never get
over him, which thoroughly sucks. Everyone says I can do so
much better, and.... but he is so good for me. I dont know.
And then, at the end of the dream, after all the torture I
had gone through watching him and other girls all night, he
told me that I was beautiful, and I woke up.

The other day at Caitlins reunion thingy I hepled at, some guy came
up to me and told me that I looked exactly like this famous
actress. He said I was the spitting image of Natalie Wood.
Look her up sometime... she is so beautiful! I dont quite
see the resemblence, but everyone else seems to. My mom
said she was called one of the most beautiful actresses of
all time. What an honor to think that I could even compare.

I started eating recently, and I've gained 3-4 pounds. Its
disgusting. I'm not eating today and I'm gunna exercise
like a mo. I gotta be thin for homecoming, for me, and most
of all.... for johnny...? Just get over it Liz....
Anyways~ today I'm gunna have some fun doing something. So
Kev, call me, and I'll be back later days to talk. Peace

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