Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-12-24 08:43:31 (UTC)

countdown day 8

so, went to work, was mostly bored, actually the day went
relatively quick, left early, walked the blond grrl to her bus

don't know why... meh...

another grrl... a rather tenatious sort, from the far west... seems
to enjoy sending me messages.. heh, I like it... it's too bad she's a
32 hour car ride away, what with me with no car, nor any
money... seems like the kind of grrl, I think, I could fall for...

but, that, would require effort on my part, and I as of late have
put in none, which bothers me... so, I think I shoud start...

which brings us to resolution number 8....

Try to stop being such an antisocial fuckwit... remember that it's
nice to have people care, even slightly enough to write you an
email, so the least I can do is respond in kind.. stop avoiding
friends, if they really, and still are, friends, call them, invite them
out for coffee and for the love of LOKI, be nice to them...


tomorrow, resolution number seven....